Unified communication tools help prevent healthcare communication delays

While communication is a key aspect of any industry, maintaining constant, effective communication in the healthcare field is particularly important. Doctors need to be able to reach one another anytime, anywhere – and often this is a matter of life or death.


Welcome back to our series on how hosted collaboration solutions can benefit the healthcare industry.


When a doctor is treating a patient with a complicated condition, he or she needs to be able to contact specialists from all around the world as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, according to a Joint Commission Report, delays in communication are the top cause for events such as medication errors and wrong-site surgery.


Hosted collaboration tools such as FlexTEL from FlexITy can help doctors connect quickly and efficiently to their staff and specialists – even when they’re in the operating room or hard to access areas such as elevators or basements where critical blood supplies are stored.  Moreover, telepresence allows for direct video communication to experts that can assist in the surgery room or the patient’s case.

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