Unified Communication tools benefit the healthcare industry

Unified Communication tools benefit the healthcare industry

Unified communication and collaboration tools aren’t just for the traditional office environment – they can be beneficial for many different industries. For instance, a 2011 IDC Health Insights report found that unified communication tools have the potential to improve patient safety and patient outcomes while simultaneously reducing costs.

How is this possible? Because unified communication tools can increase productivity and efficiency, leading to cost-savings. Lynne Dunbrack, program director, IDC Health Insights, predicted that the healthcare industry would make greater investments in these tools in the coming years.

One example of how unified communication tools can benefit doctors is enhanced decision making. Collaboration tools allow doctors to connect to specialists who can help them treat and diagnose patients more effectively. This is particularly important for doctors in rural hospitals that may not have access to the same types of equipment or assistance as those in large city-based hospitals.

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