Save time with a hosted collaboration solution.

If your company hasn’t adopted a hosted collaboration solution yet, you might be missing out on some of the benefits of this type of system. A hosted collaboration solution is perfect for the modern workplace. Here are just some of the ways that it can improve organizations:

IT Business Edge reported that marketing research agency Chadwick Martin Bailey conducted surveys of hosted collaboration solution users on behalf of Cisco. One thing he discovered was that 49 percent of organizations saved as much as 20 minutes per employee each day by being able to always reach workers on the first try. They no longer had to track a mobile worker down by calling his or her cell phone, since office calls can be automatically forwarded to cell phones through a hosted collaboration solution.

Also, 54 percent of organizations that responded to the survey reported that they were also able to save 20 minutes per employee each day by escalating IM chats into phone calls through a hosted collaboration solution.
FlexITy offers Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions that can help your company reap these benefits and more.

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