Is your company prepared for a disaster?

Is your company prepared for a disaster?

While no one likes to think about it, it’s a fact of life that disasters can strike at any time.

Whether it’s a hurricane, massive snowstorm or human error, many things can cause there to be a major power outage. As your company adapts to the modern, digitalized world you need to ask yourselves – would our data be secure if there was a disaster? Could our business continue operating smoothly if an outage occurred?

If you answered “no” to these questions, you need to make a plan, and fast.

According to a report by Dunn & Bradstreet, 59 percent of Fortune 500 companies experience a minimum of 1.6 hours of downtime per week. For a large company, that can translate t o a loss of $46 million a year.

The first step of a plan to avoid this kind of financial loss should be to contact an IT managed services provider like FlexITy that can make sure your organization will be prepared for any catastrophes that may occur.

FlexITy, Canada’s leading IT managed services provider, can offer everything from managed and hosted solutions that guarantee infrastructure uptime to disaster planning services

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