Hosted Collaboration solutions simplify administrative changes

If your business hasn’t made the move to a hosted collaboration solution, you may be experiencing more IT headaches than you need to. With a traditional IT system, it can be very difficult to change settings, update end user device software or even add new users. However, all this can be a breeze if you adopt a hosted collaboration solution.

With a hosted collaboration solution, all of the software functions I just mentioned are managed from a central administrative interface, where they can be handled simultaneously.

Have you ever needed to make small changes to your communication infrastructure, but avoided it because it would be a major undertaking? Regardless of whether your company has one or 1,000 end users, it’ll take the same time to modify settings or roll out a patch when you have a hosted collaboration solution.

TechRadar pointed out that a central administrative interface can also allow for contact management integration, so no matter how many employees you have or where they are located, they can all get the business contact information they need.

FlexITy, a certified Cisco HCS partner, can provide your business with the solution you need to simplify all your administrative tasks. ')}