Doctors can optimize time in elevators with the right collaboration solution

Hospitals are busy places and doctors need to be able to provide their full attention to patients while also focusing on fast service and getting new patients in the door. One of the ways they can accomplish this is through the use of hosted collaboration solutions.

With the right collaboration tools, doctors will always be able to stay connected to each other and their patients through mobile – even when they’re in elevators where mobile reception can be notoriously bad.

Just how much of a difference could this make? A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that in one Saskatchewan hospital doctors could spend up to 6 minutes on one elevator ride. If this ride could be spent collaborating with other doctors on mobile devices to help determine the best treatments for a patient, that time would no longer be wasted.

FlexITy, a certified Cisco HCS partner, can provide hospitals with the hosted collaboration solutions they need to streamline patient care.

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