Do you have an effective BYOD policy?


Do you have an effective BYOD policy?

Smartphones, laptops and tablets have freed workers to conduct business from almost anywhere. While these tools offer new opportunities for the modern employee, they also come with a host of new challenges.

Bring your own device polices have become common in many organizations. While there are certainly benefits to having workers bring their own phones and tablets into work – like the fact that they’ll be comfortable with the technology they’re using – there are also business and security concerns that come with BYOD policies.

For example, ZD Net explains the when employees download apps onto their phones, they are potentially giving third parties access to the sensitive data they have stored on their device.

If you’re unsure whether your office network can handle so many new devices, or if your employees are even going to be able to access the data they need and keep it safe, you may need some help.

At FlexITy we can make sure that your company is fully prepared to integrate an effective BYOD policy that can help increase efficiency while keeping your data secure.

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