Boost worker satisfaction with hosted collaboration solutions


Hosted collaboration solutions can help ensure that all facets of your organization can be connected at all times. This is more than simply convenient – it can also lead to cost savings and increased employee satisfaction.
When you have the ability to reach employees anywhere, and the technology to enable features such as unified messaging and web conferencing, it frees your employees from having to stay tied to their desks. This can really make an impact on worker satisfaction.

According to an article on, surveys have found that 70 percent of workers would like to work from home. What’s more, 81 percent of workers between the ages of 35 and 44 said they would like to work from home. With the right hosted collaboration solution, these workers could have the opportunity to work from home without ever missing important calls, messages or meetings.

Solutions like FlexTEL from FlexITy with unified communication and collaboration services make it easier than ever for workers to stay productive without having to waste time traveling to the office.

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