Our Team

Lenny Liscio Chief Executive Officer

Lenny Liscio was appointed to Chief Executive Officer of FlexITy Systems Ltd. in August, 2020 after serving a lengthy tenure as Chief Financial Officer from 2010.

As CEO of FlexITy Systems Ltd., Lenny is responsible for driving the organization’s growth, strategy, and development for enterprise infrastructure solutions and managed services   Prior to joining FlexITy, Mr. Liscio held the position of Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at CPNI Inc., an early stage global software company providing a mobile solution to banks that allowed their customers to efficiently transfer money.

Prior to CPNI, Mr. Liscio served first as the CFO and then as the CEO of Olivetti Canada, a desktop and network computing services provider. During his tenure, Mr. Liscio helped guide the firm’s strategic direction and positioning from that of a hardware distributor to a professional services provider. Mr. Liscio’s successful tenure led to the acquisition of Olivetti Canada by Wang Canada, where Mr. Liscio acted as the combined firm’s President, leading the seamless integration of the two large organizations.

From an entrepreneurial perspective, Mr. Liscio held the CFO position at an emerging Canadian software provider, building the infrastructure to support revenue and headcount growth, along with geographical expansion; and for a publicly traded biotech start-up, overseeing all corporate compliance and securities exchange related requirements.

Mr. Liscio is a Chartered Professional Accountant and graduate of the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.