Wireless and Mobility Cut the wire and be more connected than ever

Why Wireless?

Ultra secure, smoothly scalable and easily managed intent-based wireless networks. It’s digital transformation without disruption.

They help you improve customer service and satisfaction while increasing employee productivity. And it does so with fortress-like data protection.

Network Security

Protect your network with machine learning, simplified network segmentation and stop encrypted threats before they deploy.

AI-Optimized User Experience

Intent-based AI delivers contextual insights to troubleshoot faster and optimize user experiences on the fly.


Make your network cloud-based or on-premises and manage it with built-in dashboards or programmable APIs.

Always On

Manage, upgrade and/or configure your network at any time, with no downtime.

Wireless Products

Multiple Access Points

High-performing access points, inside and outside, for consistent communications, apps and network access throughout the premises.

Intelligent Wireless Controllers

Wireless LAN controllers make your network ready for digital transformation without disruption.

Endpoint Management

Have greater visibility, easier administration and faster deployment, from anywhere, on different devices managed on premise or from the cloud.

the challenge of network admin

The Challenge of Network Administration

Network administrators must make fast, informed decision; identify and combat threats to security, and manage and track a seemingly endless number of devices. Companies facing the challenge of digital transformation need to rely on security and scalability from their wireless architecture to deliver on all those promises.

Beat the Challenge

FlexITy’s intent-based networks, powered by Cisco, use advanced AI to make your network more intuitive every day. FlexITy’s wireless solutions are integrated into our intent-based networking, so you get scalable flexibility, simplified operations and proactive management of the network, all safeguarded by robust security throughout.

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