With the rapid pace of technological innovation, companies never know what tools will revolutionize the way they do business in only a few years’ time.

In an increasingly connected world, business’ abilities to embrace new innovations are closely tied to their network capabilities. IT leaders should not have to be in the position of turning down burgeoning technology trends such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and smart buildings because their network lacks the bandwidth or security to support these advances.

Next Generation Networking

To meet today’s computing needs and prepare for tomorrow’s demands, businesses can work with FlexITy, Canada’s leading managed services provider, to implement a next generation networking solution. A next generation networking solution is designed to handle technological disruptions and new deployments, but it is also optimized for existing needs. These solutions enable the latest trends in mobility, cloud and security such as:


The consumerization of IT offers employees new flexibility advantages and reduces costs for employers, but it can also introduce new traffic demands and security risks to the network if improperly managed. With FlexITy’s networking solutions, businesses can simplify user and access management and monitor endpoint device behaviour across the network.

rich media

Rich media

Video conferencing and other communications tools have broken down geographical barriers and enabled businesses to interact with each other in unprecedented ways. However, these technologies can tie up networks and suffer in quality unless companies also have the next generation tools needed to manage video flows, identify network congestion and enable scalability.

smart building management

Smart building management

Reducing energy use is a top priority for today’s companies as they work to cut operational costs and meet carbon emissions standards. A building with networked heating, cooling and lighting can substantially improve energy efficiency. FlexITy’s solutions simplify building management and eliminate issues that could slow down other parts of the network.

security control

Security control

Protecting against external threats is imperative as data breach incidents increase. FlexITy’s networking solutions provide built-in controls as well as full visibility for administrators, making it easier to identify attacks or unexpected traffic before these problems escalate.

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With new technologies being introduced every day, these are just some of the solutions that the networks of today and tomorrow must be able to support. FlexITy can help your organization move beyond networking that barely handles existing needs to solutions that enable innovation.

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