Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) Your Connection to Better Business Outcomes


The Internet of Things (IoT)

It extends network and internet connectivity beyond typical data devices like computers and smartphones to include new devices such as smart energy meters, wearable devices and smart healthcare devices.

IoT technology embedded in everyday equipment enables communication and interaction with them so they can be monitored and controlled remotely.


FlexITy IoT Modules

FlexITy IoT Networking

Deploy business networking solutions for reliable, automatic, and hyper-secure connectivity across the enterprise.

FlexITy IoT Management

Keep IoT operations running smoothly and use familiar tools to integrate IT and IoT infrastructure.

FlexITy IoT Data Management

Realize the full value of your IoT data by leveraging an analytics platform to mine, compute, and manage your data.


Built-in FlexITy Security

Deploy your IoT technology with the confidence that comes from knowing they are safeguarded by FlexITy’s Security services.

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