Data Centre

Businesses are increasingly relying on data centre facilities for data storage, disaster recovery and business continuance capabilities.

Therefore, it is essential that data centres have an IT infrastructure in place which can meet the needs of its customers.

Challenges facing data centres include cost management issues, managing growth, technical complexity, changing global business as well as the current political climate. FlexITy Data Centre Solutions provide customers with technology resolutions to address key obstacles that must be overcome for optimum data storage and system management.

FlexITy draws on the industry knowledge and experience of its Data Centre Professional Services and Managed Services teams, as well as the Project Management Office, to create solutions which meet the accomplished standards that customers have come to expect.

Services for enhanced capabilities and performance

Data centre services allow organizations to improve their storage capabilities, as well as their strategies for data archival, back-up processes, replication and recovery.

  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Enterprise System Management
  • Capacity Assessment & Planning

FlexITy’s staff of experts works closely with Tier 1 manufacturing partners to design solutions for server optimization and consolidation, storage and system optimization, virtualization and infrastructure architecture.

FlexITy collaborates with clients to provide an unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities spanning all industries and business functions. Utilizing FlexITy Data Centre Solutions, clients can increase revenues, improve operational performance and provide effective and efficient products and services.

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