FlexSecurITy Because CyberSecurity Must Come First


An integrated suite of security applications

All with industry-best threat intelligence. FlexITy security solutions delivers the scope, scale, and capabilities to keep you ahead of an ever-increasing number and complexity of threats.

When you make cybersecurity a priority, you give your business the confidence to take on digital transformation knowing that sensitive assets are safe.



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wireless products

Wireless Products

You can’t stop a threat you can’t see. Your networks are larger and more complicated. They are at risk of attack by increasingly sophisticated threats coming from every direction. You might identify some threats, but you don’t know about those that are successful until it’s too late.

To detect and minimize security threats, you must have clear visibility into every touchpoint and process in your network.





the solution

The Solution - Complete Clarity with FlexSecurITy

Digital transformation means rapidly expanding networks, multiple branches, more mobile users, the cloud, and data centers. It all takes today’s networks further away from traditional IT and network security. 

Increase network visibility to maintain security

Traditional perimeter methods for security are no longer sufficient to protect dynamic applications and workloads. Organizations must implement security and segmentation not only at the perimeter, but at the data center, host level and application layers, to be able to quickly identify and defeat threats where and when they happen.


Gives you the processes and technology to regularly monitor your entire network environment. Your security team has the vision and tools to locate, target and block attacks as they are happening.

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