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The FlexITy Consulting Promise

From strategic planning to enterprise-wide implementation, FlexITy Consulting takes a perceptive approach, applies best practices and leverages proven methodologies to streamline your digital, IT and/or workforce transformation.

The Result

Your business is empowered to realize better outcomes from your time and resource investment in multi-cloud, applications, DevOps, infrastructure, business resiliency, data center transformation, analytics, workforce collaboration and user experiences.

Maximize Value

Upgrade existing apps for the cloud, automate manual processes and enhance the collaboration between development and IT operations teams.

Derive Higher ROI

Quickly determine which platforms are best for apps to be more cost-effective, more risk averse and less complex to manage.

Make Intelligence Your Competitive Edge

Future-ready infrastructure, proven solutions and refined methodologies, including AI, converge to give your business more actionable, big data insights.

The FIT-Lab Proving Grounds

The FlexITy Integration and Testing (FIT) Lab is our in-house vetting facility. Before companies implement FlexNET, FlexTEL or any other collaborative solutions offered by FlexITy, they can take advantage the FIT Lab in many ways, including:


Put specific specific systems through their paces before a full enterprise implementation.


See how to apply the technology and FlexITy’s services in a neutral setting.


Create and customize solutions and functionality that’s right for their organizations.


the result

The Result

New technology implementations are exponentially more successful when properly vetted and tested

Powered by our world-class data centre and protected by state-of-the-art security, the FIT Lab gives you confidence when upgrading or adding IT services. Whether your business is concerned with compliance, data protection or any other risk, the FIT Lab and our highly trained engineering professionals take the uncertainty out of adding new hardware, software or processes to your production environment.

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