Today’s global, fast-paced business
environment demands more
sophisticated communication tools
than traditional telephone
and email.

Modern professionals need holistic solutions that enable them to collaborate from anywhere, at any time, across their channel of choice.

FlexITy, helps businesses achieve the benefits of collaboration with our FlexTEL solutions. FlexTEL™, a leading managed business communications solution that provides voice, data, converged, and managed services for businesses and enterprises that need a proven, responsive, cost-effective alternative to the phone and cable monopolies.

FlexTEL reduces risk and burden

  • Focus on your business, eliminate the need to manage a complex legacy PBX or key system with 7/24/365 professional network management service
  • No investment in proprietary PBX phones
  • No sunken capital in a PBX chassis that either becomes outgrown or is never fully utilized
  • Disaster recovery reroutes inbound calls in the event of cuts, power outages or catastrophe
  • Significantly reduces telecom related capital expenses
  • Dramatically decreases yearly telecom maintenance costs
  • Eradicates costs associated with move/add/changes
  • Enables predictable communications costs
  • Eliminates the need for separate voice and data network

FlexTEL business services at a glance

  • Hosted / managed converged communications
  • Local digital service
  • IP trunking
  • Long distance bundled services
  • Competitive pricing, leading products and exceptional service deliver value
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Exclusive business-to-business focus
  • Recognized leader in bundled communications services for businesses

FlexTEL collaboration includes

To meet today’s computing needs and prepare for tomorrow’s demands, businesses can work with FlexITy, Canada’s leading managed services provider, to implement a next generation networking solution. A next generation networking solution is designed to handle technological disruptions and new deployments, but it is also optimized for existing needs. These solutions enable the latest trends in mobility, cloud and security such as:
integrated and unified

Integrated/unified messaging

Our scalable, full-featured voice and unified messaging platform allows users to access voicemail, calendar, email, fax and instant messaging functions from a single interface on a range of devices. Our system also enables seamless integration with legacy networks and equipment, making it easy to get systems up and running.



Users can centrally manage contact information and contact channels, including phone, video, instant messaging and email, from a single desktop or mobile interface. Productivity is increased by allowing employees to be contacted through their preferred medium no matter where they are. Additionally, document sharing functions enable real-time collaboration.



Video is one of the most powerful tools in the suite of collaboration solutions, enabling face-to-face communication, simplifying meeting logistics and reducing the need for costly travel. Conferencing traffic runs over the enterprise IP network, eliminating additional fees and enabling firewall protection for added security.



With today’s increasingly distributed workforce, as well as the growing use of smartphones and tablets, communications are no longer tied to a desk. Our solutions can be used securely with almost any mobile device, allowing access to collaboration and enterprise-grade communication solutions from anywhere.

With more than 10 years of experience in large deployments, our team is capable of developing a custom communications solution for any business environment.

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