Business Continuity / Remote Workforce

Make Disruption
Less Disruptive

Now more than ever, business disruption is a constant. The more responsive your business is to disruption, the less risk you face. A business continuity plan that enables your employees to seamlessly transition to work from anywhere is essential.

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The FlexITy Business Continuity Suite

Connect, Communicate & Collaborate

Complete Cloud Communications

Communication is the key to connecting and coordinating remote workplaces. Voice, video and collaborative tools keep your workforce in touch, in sync and productive.

Feature-Rich Web Conferencing

Get secure, multi-function communication and collaboration with Cisco Webex, leading video conferencing and remote business collaboration.

Stay In-Touch in Emergencies

Maintain business operations and stay connected to customers with the rapid redirection of office phone numbers to different locations, either in the same office, in a different city or on mobile phones.

Powering Your Productivity

Control Your Connectivity

Run your business from the corporate office, satellite locations or your home with SD-WAN, a private, software-defined WAN that efficiently leverages multiple, low-cost internet connections.

Boost Your Bandwidth

Even if you have every business continuity tool in place, you’ll still face disruption, and risk, if you don’t have the bandwidth to support them.

Advance Your Contact Centre

Add improved call routing, workforce management, comprehensive reporting and forecasting tools for your Unified Communications Cloud to keep client communications personalized and responsive.

Ensure Security

Cloud IT & Video Surveillance

Give remote workers secure access to internal systems, monitor the office when staff work remotely, and find out when shipments arrive and depart.

Secure Cloud Firewalls

Safeguard internet traffic while enabling and controlling remote private network access with network-based security firewalls for the cloud.

Anywhere Workforce Management Tools

From keeping the customer experience seamless, to streamlining your workforce connectivity,
put Anywhere Workforce management tools to work for your business

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Remote Healthcare

Remote healthcare helps protect frontline workers, support staff and patients. Supporting everyone with the resources they need to easily adopt and adapt to virtual healthcare will reduce risks and improve outcomes.

Virtual Learning

Virtual learning is part of the new normal in education. The more support available for teachers, faculty,
researchers, students and parents, the better equipped they all will be to make the transition successful.

Resources for Remote Workers

Working from anywhere is key to business continuity. But your company and your workforce need reliable knowledge and guidance to make the transition easier, seamless and rewarding for everyone.

    Anywhere Workforce Meetings

    Find new features and expand your capabilities for free Webex Meetings or try Webex Calling with no obligation.

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    Collaboration for Healthcare

    Help more patients and give your frontline and support teams more options to connect from anywhere.

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    Distance Learning Tools

    Get your institution prepared for distance learning and give faculty and students the reliable tools they need to teach and learn in virtual classrooms.

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    Security for Remote Work

    Safeguard virtual desktops, VPNs, and WANs to give your workforce secure and reliable connections and access from anywhere.

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