FlexITy Wins Recognition as an OECM Supplier for Its Excellence in Providing IT Solutions and Service

FlexITy Wins Recognition as an OECM Supplier for Its Excellence in Providing IT Solutions and Service

FlexITy Wins Recognition as an OECM Supplier for Its Excellence in Providing IT Solutions and Service

 Canadian company FlexITy, integrator of smart technology, CyberSecurITy and service solutions, is proud be able to serve Ontario’s education and healthcare sectors, broader public sector, and other not-for-profit organizations through OECM.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — Sep 14th, 2020, FlexITy, today announced it has been recognized as an official supplier by OECM. OECM has a robust screening process for its approved vendor list. To make the grade, FlexITy had to demonstrate significant specialized expertise, meet and maintain stringent compliance and regulation requirements, deliver appropriate and agile service, and provide visibility into pricing. As a trusted and well-respected not-for-profit collaborative sourcing partner, OECM only selects innovative, reputable suppliers that can deliver quality products and services to its customers at a significant savings.

FlexITy is already a familiar name in the public sector, having been part of 15 new hospital builds across Ontario, as well as numerous other hospitals with infrastructure refresh, IOT, such as location services, patient experience and collaboration. In addition, FlexITy has been active in creating and implementing state-of-the-art technology solutions for higher education, partnering with George Brown College, Humber College and Centennial College, among others, and advancing IT in the broader public sector as well. As a company, FlexITy understands that the only way to truly improve the performance of Ontario’s public sectors is to leverage technologies. Budgets are limited. FlexITy makes certain that the solutions their technology partners have developed and launched are architected together and implemented correctly, ensuring that an organization’s return on investment is realized.

“The team at FlexITy are very proud of the work that we’ve already done implementing solutions within both education and healthcare environments. By winning the OECM supplier status, it means we’re going to be able to help more organizations. It’s an easier path forward as more publicly funded institutions digitally transform,” says John Pigatsiotopoulos, Executive Vice President of Sales for FlexITy. “At FlexITy, we thrive on helping people –whether it’s a patient, a clinician, a student, a teacher or an administrator. It’s so rewarding when we hear that we’ve made the technology easier to understand, made their processes more efficient, enabled simplified access to data and information, made care and communication more effective, or increased their ability to innovate.”

Along with budgetary restraints, publicly funded and not-for-profit organizations also face a significant skills shortage when implementing new technologies. As the Observatory of Public Sector  Innovation (OPSI) reports, “A specific challenge regarding public sector’s digital transformation involves the ability to hire new types of talent and integrate digital related tools, methods, strategies and culture not only into strategies and plans but also in daily habits. This ability is challenged by the scarcity of talent in specific fields: data analysts and data scientists are often recruited by private companies with more attractive wage offers.”[i] Under strict budgetary limitations, public sector organizations need to look for creative means of access to IT specialists.

“What truly won us the OECM recognition was our service and our wealth of expertise,” says Pigatsiotopoulos. “We’ve worked very hard to bring together an exceptional team of specialists who are driven to do right by our clients. We invest heavily in their continued training and in their certifications. We invest in our experts, so that our clients don’t have to source and hire their own.”

 About FlexITy

 FlexITy is an award-winning integrator of smart technology, CyberSecurITy and service solutions, built on powerful and digitally advanced secure platforms, and delivered with decades of expertise, is headquartered in Richmond Hill, with offices in Toronto and Winnipeg.

FlexSecurITy is a next-generation cybersecurity offering enabling organizations to protect the way people work today from advanced threats and compliance risks. FlexSecurITy protects rganizations from the advanced attacks targeting them and protects the critical information people create while arming organizations with the right intelligence and tools to respond quickly when things go  wrong.

FlexHealth-Powered by FlexITy is a suite of patient-centric solutions that integrate interactive mobile applications, secure health IT and data, and optimize healthcare management. FlexHealth engages patients and families, empowers clinicians and delivers outcomes that matter.

FlexTEL, a leading and secure managed business communications solution provides voice, data, converged, and managed services for businesses and enterprises that need a proven, responsive, cost effective alternative to the phone and cable monopolies.


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[i] OPSI, “Digital Transformation.” https://oecd-opsi.org/guide/digital-transformation/