VoIP market experiencing steady expansion

Canadian companies and municipalities that want to update their IT communications should strongly consider implementing VoIP solutions to their infrastructure. On a global scale, demand for such services is expected to skyrocket in the near future. A TechNavio report suggested the worldwide VoIP industry is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 6.5 percent between 2012 and 2016.

The report indicated that growing adoption of fixed broadband services and decreasing equipment pricing are leading to this future growth rate. A TechNavio analyst said that in order for manufacturers to remain competitive in the long run, they will have to offer innovative solutions at an affordable price point.

“In the past few years, the cost of VoIP equipment such as IP deskset, IP private branch exchange (IP PBX), and other VoIP hardware has reduced significantly. This has encouraged enterprises across the globe to adopt multiple VoIP connections for their business operations. This will encourage service providers to increasingly adopt IP networks,” the analyst explained.

FlexITy answers call for Winnipeg
The City of Winnipeg knows the importance of a successful VoIP deployment. The local government was recently the center of a controversy involving a major communications vendor that was passed over in favor of FlexITy, a leading Canadian managed service provider, despite opposition from the competing vendor and local officials.

The Winnipeg Free Press reported that although Sam Katz, mayor of Winnipeg, indicated that he wants to support Winnipeg and Manitoba service providers, there are other factors at play when selecting IT solutions.

Instead, other officials noted they want a quality product at an affordable price, The Winnipeg Sun reported. With the FlexITy VoIP service in place, Winnipeg will save roughly $1.5 million during the next five years, replacing approximately 4,000 landlines during this time.

FlexITy has a longstanding relationship with one of the biggest names in the IT industry: Cisco. Shane Warnez, regional director of Cisco Systems, said FlexITy has been providing VoIP services with the necessary security for nearly 10 years, according to The Winnipeg Sun.

Canadian businesses and municipalities that want to get the most out of their VoIP services should contact FlexITy. As competition for VoIP solutions heats up, FlexITy has the expertise and industry backing to help clients maximize their IT investments and communicate with employees and customers like never before.