The new role of technology in Canadian healthcare

The healthcare industry often trails the corporate sector when it comes to adopting new technology. This is because patient data is so sensitive that every solution implemented must be safeguarded from potential information loss. A recent Cisco blog written by Marlon Harvey, a Systems Engineer for Healthcare Accounts at Cisco Canada, highlighted how Cisco is approaching Canadian healthcare by integrating secure infrastructures across the board.

Harvey explained that healthcare networks can be secured by requiring endpoints to comply with certain standards before a device can access the system, which has become essential as more Internet-connected gadgets are in play throughout health facilities.

In addition to having safe and secure networks, healthcare organizations also need efficiency communication tools as well. Harvey wrote that Cisco’s Medical Grade Network (MGN) includes a number of critical functions to foster such capabilities.

“The MGN supports communications needs of clinicians, patients, administrators, and partners; regulatory requirements for patient privacy and data security; and identity and policy-based security from inside the network to borderless environments,” Harvey explained.

The ability for physicians to collaborate effectively using the latest tools has not gone unnoticed by patients that demand the utmost care. A Canada Health Infoway survey found that 96 percent of Canadians believe the health system should rely on digital solutions, Harvey reported.

Few service providers have been as supportive of unified communication and collaboration (UCC) solutions like Cisco. These tools can help healthcare facilities support a more productive workforce by connecting staff members with one another to share patient information quickly and efficiently. Given that mobile devices such as tablets have become a mainstay in the health sector, UCC deployments also make these gadgets an extension of the corporate network, allowing personnel to be productive anywhere.

Embracing technology has never been easier
The days of relying on paper records to locate patient histories and share information with co-workers is quickly fading. The transition to the digital frontier will make collaboration reach unprecedented levels, though it may not be a quick and painless migration. However, healthcare facilities can make the process easier on themselves by finding the right service provider for the job.

For Canadian healthcare facilities that want to meet the high demands of their patients, relying on outdated technologies will simply not due any longer. UCC and other solutions will only grow in importance throughout the health sector, making it necessary for organizations to stay updated on such developments.

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