Decision-makers need to change their old habits

The technology landscape is constantly shifting, making it necessary for executives to always be cognizant of such changes and how these developments can impact the future of their companies. In some cases, however, key decision-makers are not embracing innovative solutions that are becoming prevalent in the IT market.

Cisco’s Mike Ansley recently wrote that the Internet of Everything (IoE), which the vendor defines as making network connections by bringing people, data and processes together to turn information into actionable insight, is especially critical to the future of businesses. Will CIOs in particular get behind such an idea?

“To me, this has been the biggest challenge when dealing with CIOs: getting them to change their mindset and begin thinking of technology as not just an everyday tool but an important means of growing their business and even opening new, profitable avenues not previously considered,” Ansley wrote.

Technology should not be just about addressing workloads of today, but demands of tomorrow. Firms that embrace the possibilities of Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) tools, cloud computing services and enterprise mobility can breathe new life into stale operations that rely too heavily on legacy equipment.

Companies that want to empower the workforce as never before can do so by integrating UCC, cloud solutions and mobile tools into the fold. Doing so will allow employees, regardless of physical location, to access corporate data sets, collaborate with coworkers and complete mission-critical tasks on the go using their mobile devices. Forward-thinking executives who get behind such a model can always have a productive workforce, whether they are in an office setting or not.

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The IT landscape will only become more Internet-based and connected as time passes. Companies that have not replaced outdated equipment in favor of UCC, cloud computing and mobile solutions should start planning sooner than later and FlexITy can help with such a transition.