Considering managed services to maximize IP telephony’s benefits

Organizations discover many benefits when making the move to managed IT services, especially within voice communication. The infrastructure design of successful business nearly always includes a unified communications system, which can include messaging capabilities, videoconferencing and voice capabilities like IP telephony.

Such a system can be very beneficial for businesses in all industries, as a service provider installs and optimizes the technology. Unified communications solutions that include an IP telephony system offer a flexibility and scalability unfounded with traditional voice services. As one service provider pointed out, businesses are able to add additional users very easily, as a standard computer has the capability to handle a number of phone lines and extensions at once. Struggling to ensure new employees have phone access is a thing of the past with IP telephony.

Additionally, with an IP telephony system, employees are free to move around the premises as they please while still remaining connected to the system as they can access it from any location with an Internet connection.

Furthermore, businesses with this technology consistently report increased productivity and and collaboration among employees. Mobile applications make it easy for workers to remain connected when operating away from the office.

Cost of IP telephony
A driving factor for many businesses to adopt a voice application is the cost benefits incurred. An IP telephony arrangement can eliminate the need for traditional landline hardware, as this technology connects directly to digital configurations. This software-based system also offers more features than a traditional phone service, including auto attendant, voicemail to email functionality and advanced reporting, among others.

Mark Flexman, Bournemouth University IT infrastructure group manager, told Computer Weekly that when the institution upgraded their communication network to an IP telephony system, they saw three main cost cutting benefits. Flexman said the university saved a substantial amount as the system could support a wider range of services, and needed less cabling than the previous system. The IP telephony upgrade also enabled the institution to employ the new technology without raising management costs.

An IP telephony system can also allow a company to utilize their resources in other ways. An employee that normally deals with the management and maintenance of a traditional hardware-based system can now put their effort and energy toward other other important business functions.

Businesses seeking managed IT services to optimize their voice communication investment can count on FlexITy, one of the most trusted communications service providers in Canada. By taking a holistic approach to managed services, FlexITy can ensure that an IP telephony investment will yield tangible gains now and well into the future.