Cloud, VoIP solutions open world of communication possibilities

Communication is a necessity for businesses and municipalities alike. In recent years, advancements in technology have opened new doors to help organizations interact with customers, clients and employees more effectively. CloudTweaks contributor Michelle Patterson recently highlighted the advantages of two in particular – cloud computing and VoIP services.

Patterson indicated that some organizations are not familiar with the benefits of VoIP and cloud telephone systems.

“A VoIP system that is based in the cloud can provide you with a lot of advantages. Those who want their business to run more efficiently will need to make sure that they have a close look at the different perks that cloud phone systems can bring,” Patterson suggested. “Most people will already be aware of cloud systems and how they are used in business, but it is important to look at the specifics especially when it comes to your communication system.”

Organizations that adopt a cloud or VoIP solution will experience the financial benefits from the start, Patterson wrote. This is because users are essentially renting the service, which is hosted at an off-site location, rather than building an on-site infrastructure that requires hardware and software to operate.

A cloud system also helps organizations integrate other systems easily and most if not all of the maintenance costs are handled by the vendor, Patterson added. As a result, users can free up internal resources and stop worrying about managing IT infrastructures and focus on more mission-critical tasks.

Scalability is another key advantage of a successful cloud deployment. According to Patterson, organizations can add or subtract services when needed to keep up with ever-changing demands, only paying for the services they actually use.

Accessibility is something more organizations are striving for, especially in today’s highly competitive landscape. Patterson explained that the cloud is available through the Internet, meaning that customers can always connect with firms through their phone systems.

FlexITy meets clients’ cloud, VoIP demands
Organizations planning to adopt a new cloud solution or VoIP service should always do a bit of research before selecting a particular system. Going with a reputable vendor is a must, especially when it comes to cloud computing. The popularity of the technology has attracted numerous services providers to the fold, making the market overpopulated.

FlexITy, a Canadian managed service provider, has a team of skilled consultants ready to help businesses and municipalities implement cloud-based environments and VoIP services. In fact, the City of Winnipeg recently selected FlexITy’s VoIP suite over a leading communications provider for its infrastructure. The move is expected to help the city replace thousands of old landlines and save potentially millions of dollars in the near future.

Organizations that want to update their communications should not hesitate to contact FlexITy, which is the only Canadian MSP to offer clients access to Cisco’s full suite of Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) solutions.