Cisco makes commitment to health care-based collaboration

Cisco has been a major proponent of empowering employees, regardless of physical location, work together seamlessly, benefiting not only themselves but their employers as well thanks to the boosted productivity. As technology has advanced over time, so too has the service provider’s United Communication and Collaboration (UCC) offerings, helping the corporate landscape enhance efficiency like never before.

The vendor has also made a concerted effort to help the health care industry improve collaboration efforts between physicians to ultimately advance patient care. The company recently launched its Extended Care solution, which is a browser-based health and collaboration system. The service provider explained that the tool will allow physicians to communicate with staff members from their offices, remote locations or even their homes.

Health providers worried that the Cisco Extended Care system will necessitate an overhaul of existing IT solutions will be happy knowing this is not the case. Cisco said that the platform is an open application programming interface (API) that integrates with current patient portals.

David Plummer, general manager of Cisco’s Care-at-a-Distance Solutions department, said the new Extended Care system enhances the engagement between patients and health providers.

“By allowing patients and their care teams the opportunity to connect for both ad hoc and prescheduled video consults, and by providing secure messaging capabilities and online questionnaires, our hospital and clinic customers will be able to operate in a more efficient manner,” Plummer said.

How FlexITy can help
Technology has played an incredibly valuable role throughout plenty of markets, especially the healthcare field. Providers that fail to adopt innovative and useful solutions are not only doing a disservice to their employees, but their patients. Today, various solutions are making it easier than ever for personnel to collaborate and administer care without being restricted to an office setting.

Canadian health providers interested in taking full advantage of Cisco’s collaboration tools should contact FlexITy, a leading managed service provider that is the only Canadian MSP to offer clients access to Cisco’s full suite of UCC systems. FlexITy has just what healthcare organizations need to make the right hardware and software choices related to their unique and highly sensitive field.

Security is of the utmost importance throughout the health field. Patient data must be protected at all times and if any information is exposed by a provider, that organization is likely to be fined under strict compliance guidelines. FlexITy understands the importance of safeguarding such sensitive material and will help clients protect this content from potential loss.