Changing the office infrastructure

Companies today no longer need to put all of their eggs in one basket and have all assets stored within an on-site IT infrastructure. New technologies make it possible for businesses to improve operational efficiency, data protection and employee communications, allowing the workforce to remain productive without always being in the office.

Solutions such as cloud computing and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are all reshaping the current business model. No Jitter’s David Michels recently highlighted the benefits of current technologies and their impact on how organizations can operate today.

“VoIP eliminated both the cabling and distance restrictions, enabling the modern cloud to emerge for communications. The interdependent relationship between network services and equipment began to fade,” Michels wrote.

Michels added that VoIP and Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) solutions have offered functionality found within on-site deployments without needing to manage on-site systems.

Disaster recovery is another area that has seen major improvements from the advancement of technology. In the past, businesses would use duplicate servers, but this was costly and challenging, Michels explained. Some hybrid cloud solutions keep communications open should a disruption cause an office closure.

Michels noted that all of the major UCC vendors are backing the use of hybrid cloud solutions. Some service providers already offer access to such tools, while others will make such systems available in 2014.

“The result will be unprecedented levels of flexibility for the enterprise. What will likely emerge will be a new set of best practices around capacity planning, application design, mobility solutions, and disaster recovery,” Michels concluded.

Revamp your office environment today
The days of relying on outdated technology to perform mission-critical tasks should be over for forward-thinking businesses. Cloud computing, VoIP and UCC solutions in particular can help the workforce, regardless of their physical location, remain productive even if they are not in the office.

Businesses that want to adopt one or all of these technologies for 2014 will be better off in the long run if they finally rid themselves of antiquated equipment. Rather than employing multiple vendors to handle the implementation of each computing model, firms can receive all of their needs from one source.FlexITy, a leading Canadian managed service provider, can help companies support their IT needs, whether they include cloud, UCC or VoIP solutions. Companies interested in UCC specifically will be happy knowing that FlexITy is the only Canadian MSP that offers clients access to Cisco’s full UCC suite.

FlexITy is also an organization’s go-to resource for VoIP services and was recently employed by the City of Winnipeg to replace thousands of its outdated land lines in favor of VoIP solutions. The city is hoping the move will save it a substantial amount of money during the lifetime of the contract.

Companies and municipalities alike should not hesitate to contact FlexITy to get started on their IT upgrades.