Canada experiences increased mobile data usage

A new report recently found that Canada has the third highest rate of smartphone adoption worldwide, which has led to a significant increase in mobile data traffic.

According to the comScore report, Canada’s smartphone adoption rate is currently at 62 percent, compared to 50 percent in the United States. The United Kingdom was found to have the second highest smartphone penetration rate at 64 percent, and Spain came out on top in the study with a 66 percent adoption rate. Within the Canadian smartphone market, 40 percent of mobile users utilize Android devices, and another 40 percent use the iOS operating system

According to a Cisco Canada blog post from October, one of the motivating factors for increased smartphone adoption is the competitive prices of Canadian service providers. Mobile phone service prices decreased by 13 percent in 2013, and Cisco predicted that the cost of plans will continue to fall in the near future. This makes mobile resources and applications more affordable and therefore more available for Canadian residents.

This recent boost in smartphone utilization has also lead to an increase in data usage, as more individuals access applications and programs from their mobile devices. The State of Broadband 2013 report from the Broadband Commission showed that the amount of broadband utilized will triple by the end of the year. Additionally, the report stated that individual mobile users in Canada generated 77 percent more data traffic in 2012 when compared to the global average.

Furthermore, the report also found that annually, mobile broadband usage is increasing by 30 percent, making it one of the fastest growing technologies in history. On a worldwide scale of fixed broadband penetration, Canada is ranked 12th with 32.9 percent.

Service providers improving infrastructure design
Cisco also stated that as a result of these increases, service providers must ensure that their infrastructure design will be able to handle the significant rise in utilization. Organizations have looked to new solutions to provide their customers with best-in-class mobile service.

“However, the ever-increasing mobile broadband is generating innovation in Canada,” wrote Cisco Canada blogger Matt Gillies. “Service providers are seeking new ways to accommodate the surge in mobile traffic.”

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