Can UCC help businesses leverage big data?

Big data is changing the way businesses analyze information, as the volume, velocity and variety of content continues to proliferate. With so much data on their hands, how can companies effectively turn this into value? A recent CIO report suggested that Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) tools may hold the key.

The news source explained that successful big data projects allow firms to gain insight into their respective markets and customers. However, this information is not worth much if employees do not have real-time access to such content.

“This is where a properly positioned UCC deployment has the potential to enhance a big data journey by eliminating one of the common roadblocks plaguing big data success – lack of collaboration between big data experts or analysts and the information users tasked with making strategic decisions as well as interacting with the customer,” the CIO report said. “Simply put, a well-deployed unified communications and collaboration (UCC) system can serve as the conduit for collaboration.”

Businesses that possess the ability to leverage big data can enhance their firms. This information may be massive in scope, but the right tools and employee collaboration means that personnel have real-time access to content that allows them stay on top of new industry developments and ever-changing customer preferences, putting the firm ahead of the competition.

Decision-makers invest in big data
The need for UCC and other solutions to help organizations maximize their big data projects is likely to grow moving forward. Decision-makers are relying on big data a key part of their companies’ IT investments. In fact, a recent IDG Enterprise survey found that 60 percent of enterprises cited such initiatives as highly important, while nearly half of small and medium-sized firms said the same.

All told, respondents will spend an average of $8 million for big data projects in 2014, the survey found.

Matthew Yorke, CEO of IDG Enterprise, said the advantages of successful data analysis are “limitless,” which is likely why 75 percent of companies believe that big data will become mainstream within three years.

“It is not surprising that 70 percent of enterprise organizations are investing in big data, compared to 56 percent of SMB organizations. Some of the biggest winners in this, within enterprise organizations, will be marketers who partner with IT to better understand their customer data, activities and drivers,” Yorke said.

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