Doctors and other healthcare providers have more tools at their disposal to help improve patient care than ever before.

Thanks in part to the proliferation of electronic health records, improved diagnostic machines and other technologies, doctors and other healthcare providers have more tools at their disposal to help improve patient care than ever before. However, many hurdles stand in the way of letting medical professionals make full use of these technologies. By leveraging the state-of-the-art solutions offered by FlexITy, healthcare professionals can offer significantly better care to patients along their healthcare journey.

Outdated legacy systems and policies

Healthcare organizations are often hindered by outdated legacy systems and policies when trying to fully maximize these emerging technologies. Legacy siloed approaches can make it difficult to put information in the right hands. For example, a hospital may have trouble passing along an electronic health record to a patient’s primary care physician who is unequipped to handle and store that data. In addition, compliance issues relating to the protection of patient information can hinder attempts at sharing the data gathered by newer technology.

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Doctors and other healthcare professionals previously limited by how they could implement new diagnostic and patient care technologies will no longer be, thanks to the range of services and solutions offered by FlexITy. By leveraging FlexTEL and other systems, organizations can be sure they have the best in class tools at their disposal.

benefits of the cloud

The benefits of the cloud

The benefits of the cloud are especially apparent with FlexTEL, FlexITy’s hosted unified communication platform. UC systems offer numerous benefits, as they allow organizations to leverage one solution to support all of their communication needs. For example, hospitals with unified communications in place can have their instant messaging, email, video conferencing, screen sharing, phone and voicemail needs all met by one system. When that system is also supported by cloud computing technology, healthcare providers can communicate and collaborate across even the largest distances with greater ease. With a hosted collaboration suite, organizations can say goodbye to legacy siloed approaches and hello to a new way of more efficiently helping patients.


Nursecall Communication System

When it comes to your resident and patient care you want to ensure you provide your nurses and staff the right tools to respond to calls and requests promptly. Being able to effectively respond to an emergency call can mean the difference between life and death. We work with your facility to fully integrate your nursecall system into your network, which will provide your staff with up-to-date patient information whenever they need it. Streamline your workflow, reliability and quality of care by working with FlexITy for your healthcare needs.

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Not only do we offer these types of infrastructure strategies, but we also provide integration and solutions based upon precision engagement, FlexHealth, connecting with patients at the right time, in the right place and with the right information based on their personal readiness to engage.

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