Organizations are increasingly relying on digital solutions to manage costs and ensure operations run efficiently, and this paradigm shift is especially true for municipal governments and public agencies.

As the public sector looks to provide better services while also operating under tighter budgets, the need to leverage the very best technologies becomes paramount. Government agencies have extra factors to deal with that are not present in the private sector. Luckily, FlexITy has extensive experience helping public sector agencies across Canada implement the best digital solutions available.

While concerns such as security, cost and transparency are important to just about any business, they become especially vital for public agencies. After all, municipal governments and public organizations need to effectively communicate with citizens and related parties while also making sure that sensitive information remains protected at all times. And, in an era of shrinking public coffers, agencies must learn to efficiently manage what resources they have to best serve the citizens.

FlexITy’s Public Sector Solutions

As Canada’s leading Unified Communications and Collaboration service provider, FlexITy offers a wide variety of solutions that can help public agencies, including:


Our cloud-based unified communication (UC) service. With UC, government bodies can have all of their communication and collaboration needs supported by one powerful solution. This way, public sector workers can more effectively send documents, disseminate reports and talk with citizens and other related parties.



Our service that helps organizations meet service level agreements and other vital deadlines. Considering the wide variety of laws and compliance regulations governing public agencies, having a system in place to make sure key performance indicators are met at all times is critically important

These are some of the many services offered by FlexITy. Regardless of the need, FlexITy has the perfect solution to meet the growing digital requirements of any public agency.

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