In the highly competitive world of the financial services industry, fast, reliable communication is critical.

A firm’s success is closely tied to how quickly it can access information and turn it into concrete actions. In a world where markets are truly global, financial service professionals must have reliable access to communication and collaboration systems at any time from any location.

At the same time, financial firms face IT challenges that go beyond the basic reliability and security needs of many industries. Modern financial businesses must manage wide-ranging networks of remote workers across multiple locations while complying with strict regulations and standards. Given the sensitivity and importance of financial information, firms must have a robust data protection infrastructure in place, as well as provisions for business continuity in the event of a natural disaster or outage.

How FlexITy’s solutions can help

As Canada’s leading IT managed services provider, FlexITy is ideally positioned to help financial services firms handle all of their communications and IT challenges. Our team of experts can help implement hosted collaboration solutions (HCS), including Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), and work as a partner in guaranteeing compliance with industry regulations. Some of the specific solutions we offer include:


Our unified communications solutions are ideal for the next generation workforce, offering hosted voice over internet protocol (VoIP), email, instant messaging and other collaboration tools in a single interface. Employees on the road or the trading floor can access the same tools as they would in the office. Additionally, with a flexible utility subscription model, FlexTEL enables firms to scale up their infrastructure according to evolving market trends.


Data centre management

FlexITy’s state-of-the-art data centre infrastructure is specifically designed to meet the unique security and compliance challenges of the financial services industry. Offering enterprise-class physical and network security, extreme redundancy and a highly certified, expert staff, our managed data centres provide unparalleled data protection. Our fast network also guarantees hosted systems will reliably perform at maximum speed.


Business continuity and disaster recovery

In today’s business environment, data is a mission critical asset, and round-the-clock operation is an assumption. Organizations need to be able to quickly get data, communications tools and mission critical applications back online following an outage. With FlexITy’s hosted solutions, operations can continue uninterrupted and systems can be easily restored in the wake of a natural disaster.

FlexITy specializes in developing customized plans to fit any business challenge, and these are just some of the solutions we have implemented for financial services firms.

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