FlexITy Solutions for Agriculture Agribusiness is poised to apply IoT

And leverage the automation, real-time visibility, and remote analytics that it offers for greater productivity, compliance and efficiencies.


The Agriculture Tools of IoT

Self-monitoring heavy equipment, IoT-enabled farm management systems, detailed data and anytime, anywhere dashboard controls result in greater cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, compliance to governing regulations and, ultimately, profitability.


IoT Solutions for Agriculture

Large greenhouses and farm operations around the world are quickly realizing the advantages of business models based on IoT systems to solve real problems that are often unique to agribusiness. From minimizing the uncertainty of weather and biological systems, to better managing and geo-tagging widely dispersed assets and resources, IoT helps resolve the complexities of remaining profitable in agriculture.


The IoT Advantage for Agriculture

IoT is especially effective in meeting consumer demands for greater transparency in the origins and sustainability of food, fuel and fibre production. IoT-based systems gives agribusiness the tools and data to not only improve productivity and control costs, but to prove that it produces consumables in environmentally sensitive ways that will sustain the industry and society in general today and in
the future.

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