Utilization of cloud computing increasing in healthcare

More healthcare organizations have been adopting cloud computing services recently, and the amount invested in such technology will only grow in the coming years.

In 2011, only 4 percent of the healthcare sector has invested in cloud computing services, however that number is expected to grow to 20.5 percent by 2017, according to a recent MarketsandMarkets report. This translates into a healthcare cloud computing market worth $5.4 billion

Driving factors

While the study considered market drivers, restraints and opportunities in all countries, the report found that the North American cloud computing services sector comprised the largest portion of the overall market.

Due to the cloud’s ability to provide quick access to data, healthcare workers are increasingly turning to such services to meet their needs. Furthermore, cloud computing offers doctors, nurses and other medical professionals the ability to share data across a variety of settings and locations, according to CloudTimes. Without such a system in place, healthcare providers and patients could experience delays in treatment and time loss while waiting for pertinent information.

Another factor which is driving increased adoption of cloud computing is the agility offered by such services. This aspect helps healthcare organizations keep up with the constantly changing practices and policies of the industry.


Changing regulations

In addition, Cloudtech stated that cloud computing services also provide the healthcare sector with the added benefit of being able to keep up with continually changing regulations.

Policies pertaining to the security of patient information, interoperability and government regulation compliance change fairly regularly in the healthcare sector, and cloud computing services offer a level of flexibility that can help organizations ensure they can keep up.

Cloudtech stated that organizations that do not keep up with these ever-changing factors can experience a slew of hangups and consequences, including non-compliance fines and damage to their reputation. Thus, it is important to have a data migration service in place which can offer complete data protection and other solutions to maintain industry regulations.

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