FlexITy helping City of Winnipeg with VoIP services

The City of Winnipeg has chosen FlexITy, a leading Canadian managed service provider, to handle its Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone services for the foreseeable future. The Winnipeg Sun reported that the services provided by FlexITy will save the city approximately $1.5 million during the next five years by migrating roughly 4,000 landlines to FlexITy’s VoIP platform.

“As an individual, I definitely want to support Winnipeg, Manitoba companies,” asserted Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz, according to the news source. “(But city staff are) looking at getting a quality product and service and getting the best bang for the taxpayers’ dollars.”

Although some other IT vendors and government officials opposed the deal with FlexITy, the MSP has a major company in its corner. Shane Warnez, regional director of Cisco Systems, noted that FlexITy, which is a trusted partner of Cisco, is up to the challengeĀ of handling the city’s VoIP demands and has nearly 10 years of experience providing such solutions with proper security measures, The Winnipeg Sun reported.

“It’s good to have lots of competition that drives more and more innovative services to Winnipeggers and Manitobans,” Warnez said, according to The Winnipeg Free Press.

The Winnipeg Free Press also reported that Winnipeg City Councilor and Deputy Mayor Justin Swandel believes the city should not base all contracts based on geographical location and is a win-win for Winnipeg and its citizens.

FlexITy, Cisco a great partnership
The backing of FlexITy from Cisco has been a boon for the Canadian MSP as the two businesses have developed a strong and prosperous relationship. In February, Cisco awarded FlexITy with its Customer Satisfaction Excellence Gold Star, recognizing the vendor for its outstanding service to Canadian customers.

Edison Peres, senior vice president of worldwide channels at Cisco, explained that customer service is a key part of the company’s Resale Channel program and congratulated FlexITy for delivering in this area.

Tech projects are often difficult to maintain because there are so many different systems that are integrated with one another. Organizations that want to maximize their IT-related investments – VoIP, unified communication and collaboration (UCC) or cloud solutions – and receive the best customer service should not hesitate to contact FlexITy. The MSP is the only Canadian firm that offers clients access to Cisco’s full suite of UCC offerings and has the expertise and support needed to make sure companies’ industry-specific demands are handled from start to finish.