Cisco offers new collaboration tools for unified communications

Cisco recently announced the release of new collaboration tools that focus on mobility and cloud computing. The company aims to help organizations simplify the processes for securing communications, as well as make it easier to manage collaboration strategies and interact with clients and partners, stated InfoWorld.

In order to meet current demands, the enterprise will offer better collaboration tools that are accessible from nearly every platform as part of the Cisco Collaboration Edge Architecture. Rowan Trollope, Cisco Collaboration Technology Group senior vice president, told InfoWorld that the new technology is taking the company in “a new direction for collaboration,” and called current tools “old and broken.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Trollope said.

Brand new bag of tools
One of the company’s answers to the issue of broken collaboration technology┬áis the Cisco Expressway, which maintains security through an advanced gateway and eliminates the need for device-level registration, accounts and passwords. This tool in particular boosts productivity and communication avenues, as it enables users to access collaboration tools from any location. The platform is also very secure, as it employs transport layer security. Additionally, the system operates with Cisco’s Jabber and TelePresence tools and remote mobile access to Jabber will be included for free. Cisco will commercially release Expressway in December 2013.

Another new offering is Jabber Guest, which enables users to allow external parties to securely access a company’s enterprise collaboration systems, stated InfoWorld. Jabber Guest is integrated with other systems as it plugs into Expressway. This technology can greatly improve communication from within the business as well as with outside organizations and individuals. Using Jabber Guest, an enterprise representative can communicate with a customer or partner via their website through an instant message, video conference or screen share. Because this communication happens on the Web, both parties can utilize it on a variety of network-connected devices. Additionally, this type of technology can help an organization increase sales, improve issue resolution and boost customer satisfaction.

Also included in the unveiling announcement was the Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series, a communication hardware that includes intuitive navigation and wideband audio. The phones also utilize less power than other technologies, and has automatic power down capabilities. A system with these phones can reduce energy costs by up to 60 percent.

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