Cisco helps manufacturing organizations improve unified communications

Manufacturing organizations need to address a number of factors to ensure smooth production and on-time delivery of merchandise. In order to keep the supply chain functioning and effectively manage costs, these enterprises should employ a unified communication system, which allows for easy collaboration and access to the most up-to-date information possible.

According to a recent Forrester survey, 75 percent of manufacturing enterprise delays are a result of employees not being able to reach one another or their supervisors. Furthermore, if these communication delays were addressed, 69 percent of respondents stated their organization’s efficiency would be improved, and 65 percent expressed that their competitiveness would be enhanced within the industry. Additionally, the survey showed that 69 percent of manufacturing organizations would improve their ability to attract and maintain key personnel if employees could communicate more effectively with one another and with customers.

According to a company white​ paper, Cisco’s unified communications systems offer a number of benefits that not only meet the needs of manufacturing organizations, but also can help them optimize functionality and improve internal and external communications.

Such systems provide employees with a unified platform through which they can call, message or video conference one another. This can virtually eliminate the difficulty that some workers experience when trying to contact other employees or supervisors. Furthermore, through such a platform, enterprise personnel can obtain the most recent information relating to all areas of the organization, as these kinds of unified communication systems offer updates in real time.

According to the Cisco white​ paper, companies also utilize these systems to retain connections with and provide information to clients. For example, a salesperson can contact a manufacturing plant worker to answer a purchaser’s question relating to the production of a certain product. Therefore, such systems can significantly improve customer satisfaction as well.

Manufacturing organizations seeking to implement such unified communication systems can contact FlexITy, a leading provider of technology solutions for optimum IT infrastructure.