Employees no longer bound by office setting

The current workforce does not always have to be present in the office to remain productive. Technological advancements have made it possible for employees to access work-related content in their homes, on the go or from remote locations. Businesses not offering personnel some semblance of flexible conditions may find that they are not retaining top-level talent in the long run.

A recent uSamp survey found that nearly two-thirds of companies allow employees to work remotely. Of the staff members polled, 67 percent believe they are actually more productive operating in this fashion and nearly 70 percent asserted this situation is “liberating” for them as opposed to always being restricted to the office.

“We have seen that with the advances in technology, it is easier than ever for employees to perform their jobs at a high level while working remotely,” noted Matt Dusig, co-founder and CEO of uSamp.

Organizations that want to support a more agile workforce can do so by integrating technologies such as cloud computing, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) services into their operations. Firms using these innovative tools can allow personnel to interact with one another and access content, regardless of their location.

Staff members may not be in close proximity to a company’s office, but they are never far from their colleagues and work, thanks to the cloud, VoIP and UCC deployments.

Receive support from one source
Companies that want to leverage the power of cloud computing, VoIP and UCC services from the same vendor can do so with FlexITy, a leading Canadian managed service provider. The company has the expertise and support for clients that want to upgrade their IT infrastructures and replace legacy equipment that cannot handle the demands of current workloads.

Communication should not be restricted to traditional landlines or on-site hardware and software that is difficult and costly to maintain. Businesses that want flexible and affordable tools should not hesitate to contact FlexITy, which┬áis also the only Canadian MSP to offer clients access to Cisco’s full suite of UCC solutions.

As the uSamp survey found, people today want a strong balance between their work and personal lives. Firms worried that they cannot physically view personnel in action should think about the potential savings to their bottom line. For example, businesses that allow people to work remotely do not have to have the largest office buildings to house IT equipment and desks if personnel can work at home.

In many cases, people feel obligated to perform in a traditional work setting. The uSamp survey found that 47 percent of staff members operate from the office because they believe it is expected of them. As long as organizations have the necessary solutions available, productivity and communication should not be a problem for those who prefer to operate daily without commuting every day.