Virtual switching with Cisco in the data centre: Cisco UCS and Nexus


More businesses today are taking advantage of virtualization technology. However, when organizations deploy server virtualization in the data centre, they need to adjust management strategies as these servers are not handled in the same way as physical servers.


Cisco explained that, too often, server virtualization is regarded as a special deployment, but this can require more time and higher demands on security administrators tasked with integrating servers, the network and storage. The Cisco Nexus 1000V Series offers a solution to this problem, equipping IT administrators with a consistent networking feature set and infrastructure.


“Virtual servers can now use the same network configuration, security policy, diagnostic tools and operational models as their physical server counterparts attached to dedicated physical network ports,” Cisco explained. “Server administrators can access predefined network policy that follows mobile virtual machines to help ensure proper connectivity, saving valuable time for focusing on virtual machine administration. This comprehensive set of capabilities helps you deploy server virtualization faster and achieve its benefits sooner.”


A unified data centre
The value of building a unified data centre should be evident: Its streamlined structure is significantly easier to take full advantage of. Due largely to the increased complexity of infrastructure design, unifying operations can be essential. In a resource made available on Cisco’s website, the company explained how many IT departments struggle to take advantage of virtualization technologies while simultaneously maintaining existing applications.


Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) provides enterprises with low-latency network fabric and enterprise-class servers for an integrated and highly scalable platform. Organizations can utilize UCS to make data center operations more agile and dynamic. Together, Cisco’s UCS and Nexus Series provide a robust solution to power an organization’s entire operations.


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