Epic Server Administrator

Epic Server Administrator


We’re seeking an Epic Server Administrator for a FTE opportunity located in Richmond Hill Ontario

Job Summary


Under direction, to perform work building and maintaining the core hardware infrastructure components, including Windows, Citrix and vmWare servers. Provides support and maintenance for the Epic Windows based servers. Ensures systems operate without interruption and are protected against unauthorized access and disasters.


Job Responsibilities:


  • Builds and maintains servers, network, and related systems components, ensures equipment functions reliably and effectively, and maintains systems to protect from unauthorized access or other misuses.
  • Provides support for the maintenance of the Epic Windows based servers and effective advanced helpdesk support for more difficult problems to ensure their resolution.
  • Effectively works with Application Owners and Users to ensure the overall ‘end- product’ is consistently of high quality and provides support, guidance and assistance to other departmental employees as required.
  • Adheres to established Department standards equipment, software, builds, and configurations; contributes to updating and Maintains and validates back-ups and disaster recovery systems.
  • Performs work with due-diligence and in accordance with change management, testing and similar work practices Meets established target dates for required work.
  • Maintains up-to-date and thorough documentation on systems, provides current and complete troubleshooting tools to ensure coverage by other engineers, and ensures needed documentation and education is provided to enable Workstation Support Engineers and Helpdesk support on the client level.
  • Keeps accurate current and complete records and documentation, including inventory and other Maintains documentation on work and project activities and provides proper updates. Will comply and adhere to all implemented change management and framework policies and procedures as well as update the known error folder each time a problem occurs with a server they are responsible for. Ensures skills are kept current and up-to-date on industry practices, techniques and trends.
  • Responsible for weekly reporting of daily activities and participates in meetings and discussions with vendors, contractors, as required.
  • Performs all other duties as requested and assigned.

Physical Requirements: (physical abilities essential to perform the job): Nothing extraordinary

  • Work Environment: Office environment
  • On-Call: 24/7 on call rotation based on schedule



  •  A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university with course emphasis in Computer Science, Electronics or a closely related field is preferred.
  • Two (2) years of professional work experience in computer and network support, troubleshooting and design is required.
  • Five (5) years progressive experience in Microcomputer Support, including hands-on experience in Network systems design and troubleshooting is preferred.
  • Current Epic certification is required within 6 months of hire, with proven competency in area of certification. Attainment of, and continued maintenance of, at least one additional area of current certification within 1 year of promotion of hire, from the following group: Epic, EMC, Citrix, or Microsoft. Current certification is defined as within one generation of the vendor’s current release.
  • Working knowledge in one or more of the following areas, not to include the area of certification: Microsoft, networking/Cisco, specialized vendor/proprietary system as identified.
  • Advanced certification in Microsoft or Citrix applications is preferred.
  • DBA experience in Oracle, SQL, or Cache is preferred.
  • SAN/NAS experience, preferably EMC is preferred.
  • Scripting and HA/Clustering experience is preferred.


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